Why Aspen

Better Spas, Better Living


The Bania family founded Aspen Spas in 1991.

The Banias pride themselves on their commitment to their matriarch’s philosophy of kindness and customer service.

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Quality & Innovation

Choose a cutting edge spa.

We focus on design, durability, clarity, efficiency and reliability to bring you the best spas in America.

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Built in St. Louis

Every Aspen is made right here in the Midwest.

Every Aspen Spa is made in St. Louis, MO, a community that we love and take pride in giving back to in every way we can. Visit our St. Louis site here to see our full product line.

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A Family History

With a strong foundation in the heating and air conditioning business, the Bania family knows well the value of perseverance, hard work, customer service and a job well done. Their years in HVAC exposed them to a wide variety of skills, including electrical, plumbing and carpentry work, as well as the essential and special finesse of knowing how to treat a customer and their home with respect and care along every step of the way.

Driven by the desire for a change and the pursuit of entrepreneurship, in 1991, the Banias opened up what would soon become Aspen Spas. Combining years of experience in a number of industries, they were able to create an unrivaled hot tub with innovative, exclusive designs and quality that can only be made by their family-owned and operated St. Louis company.

The immense success of Aspen Spas can be attributed to matriarch Pat Bania, who served as sales manager and built customer relationships that lasted years until her passing in 2010. The true heart and soul of Aspen, Pat was a friend to everyone that walked in the door and set a precedent for future employees for how to treat customers – like family. Her spirit lives on in her sons, Tom and Sam, who use their different personalities and strengths to continue to run Aspen Spas in her honor.

With such a rich history, you can trust that we, just like your spa, are going to be around for years to come.

Customer Service

As a family-owned and operated St. Louis business, we follow Pat in treating every customer with kindness and respect. We’ve made it our goal to develop a streamlined buying process that leads you to the exact hot tub that you need, for whatever you need it. We’ll guide you to the right spa model, the right series and the right customizations. With the help of our team, your new hot tub will be precisely what you are looking for in a relaxing retreat.

And the service doesn’t stop after your spa is installed. We stand behind our products one hundred percent, from programming to maintaining proper water chemistry to replacement parts and, if it is ever needed, servicing your spa, and strive for quick response times to all questions you may have.

Simply put, when you purchase an Aspen Spa, whether at our St. Louis showroom or through one of our trusted dealers, you become a part of the family.

service guy

We were instantly impressed that the showroom contained ready to bask hot tubs for us to test. They provided dressing rooms and terry cloth robes for us. As we tried each of the tubs I realized how critical this test is. Things I had thought I wanted were not appropriate for me, like the lounge bench in the tub. (I float away.) They brought us water bottles while were were soaking. They instructed us how to prepare for installation. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Their location is convenient for us to stop in to pick up chemicals and there is always a parking space out front. We have had our tub for several years and we love it.

-Lea K.
Lea K.

Always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help you out. I’ve had many of questions over the years and they gave me the correct info I needed. I buy all my supplies and accessories there. P.S I love the dogs

-Scott C.
Scott C.

Local family owned business. Great service. Great product. My tub is 10 years old and still works great. Would recommend to anyone looking for a hot tub.

-Michael J.
Michael J.

Go Greener

While we know that a hot tub isn’t the most environmentally-friendly addition to your home, at Aspen Spas, we make every effort to ensure our products are as green as they can be. Each spa is made in St. Louis, Missouri and several components are comprised of recycled materials, such as in our Durawood cabinets and ABS bottom pan. So you can enjoy your hot tub even more knowing that parts of it were once a milk jug or a bottle of water.

We also are conscious of who we purchase products from, choosing responsible companies such as Lucite International, Tangent Plastics, Foam Supplies, Gecko Alliance and more to provide us with the components we need to make your spa. These are conscientious manufacturers whose supplies we feel good about using in your hot tub.

Finally, we save you some green by building energy-efficient spas that reduce operating costs. With heat retention and reflection and cold-blocking features, your hot tub will not only provide you with ultimate relaxation, your wallet can relax too.


Our company is not only dedicated to promoting therapy and offering release through a soak in your hot tub, we want to better the surrounding community. Because every hot tub is made right here in St. Louis, we are keeping the dollars local, hiring members of our community and doing our part to give back to the people we see every day.

Aspen Spas is also a proud supporter of charities, and over the years, have contributed to the following:

  • Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc. (FARF)
  • Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
  • Make a Wish
  • Mama Campisi – Janie Marie Memorial Annual Golf Tournament, where all proceeds go to St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  • Special Olympics
  • Humane Society of Missouri
  • The Simunye Project
  • Disabled Athletes Sports Association
  • Gateway Pet Guardians

When you purchase a hot tub from Aspen Spas, we all benefit; you’re helping us give back to a community that we love dearly and we have the knowledge that we’re making a difference in the lives of people (and pets!) throughout the St. Louis region.

Thank you for allowing us to better our community.