Superior Water in Motion.

Aspen Spas developed its S.W.I.M. Series Swim Spas with a fresh approach...

S.W.I.M 16-E


Swimming, known to be one of the best workouts, can now be on-demand at your convenience in the comforts of your backyard.


Soak up the benefits of hydrotherapy to wind down the day.


Create a new playground for the entire family.

Swim in place, for as long as you want, as hard as you want. Designed with a longer, wider swim lane and equipped with 3 – XP3E Swim Pumps powering 6-Swim-Power Turbo Jets (110 gallons per minute each), the S.W.I.M. 16 E is certain to deliver the perfect aquatic workout for you and your family. The jets are divided into 3 zones and the k.1000 Touchscreen has 6 built-in speeds that can be programmed to create a H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training) swim workout specifically designed for you.

The therapeutic massage that comes from a Soak in an Aspen Spa will not only induce pure relaxation, but will heal the body and give you a better, deeper sleep. The 2 Deep Captain’s Chairs and bench seat are equipped with up to 31 Spectrum Series Hydrotherapy Jets. To enhance the experience, all Aspen S.W.I.M. Spas come standard with Chromatherapy LED Lighting and 6 Roman Fountains.

Whether the kids or grandkids are looking to Play or you are simply looking to float and soak up the sun, the S.W.I.M. design is ideal for all. Dual entry 3-tier steps and a spacious interior make getting in and out safer and there is plenty of room to splash around. Lighten your mood with the Bluetooth audio system with pop up speakers and a subwoofer (standard in E Series).

S.W.I.M. Spas

PARTY / S.W.I.M. Spas

S.W.I.M. Spas from Aspen Spas are Built to Last.

The shell and plumbing construction follow the same superior build process as all Aspen Spas, but the cabinet structure has evolved. Instead of an ABS pan, we use a fiberglass pan with fiberglass structural corners.

Enviro Spa Construction

  • Acrylic Spa Shell
    Lucite Optix-XL with 7 Layer Reinforcement
  • Synthetic Spa Cabinet
    PolyTUF Recycled Plastic
  • Cabinet Base
    Full Fiberglass Base/Pan
  • Cabinet Structure
    Fiberglass Structural Corners

Everlast Performance Plumbing System

  • Jet Bodies and Valves
    No-Leak Compression Grommet Seal
  • Main Supply Lines
    Schedule 40 Pipe with 2" Sweep Elbows
  • Jets Plumbing
    2" Manifold System with 3/4” Schedule 40 Shurgrip Hose

Polar Insulation Package

  • Spa Shell Insulation
    Hybrid Cell Natural-Therm Zero
  • Cabinet/Door Insulation
    Prodex Total 5M Plus
  • Spa Base Insulation
    Prodex Total 5M Plus
  • Spa Lip Insulation
    2 lb Foam Ring
  • Spa Cover
    4" x 2" Insulated Hard Cover, 2 Bi-Fold Covers