Soak in Luxury

Your spa isn’t truly complete without relaxing waterfalls, massaging jets and soothing ambient lighting.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Hydrotherapeutic jets are an integral aspect of your Total Therapy experience. In every Aspen Spa, each seat is a different height, has a different jet pattern, hitting different parts of the body. Additionally, each jet is strategically placed to create the ideal pattern for healing, rejuvenation and serenity.

Included in all spas are:

Pinpoint jets: The smallest of our jets with a water pressure of 7 gallons per minute (GPM), they provide a precise and direct massage to your lower and middle back.

Therapy jets: At 10 GPM, these jets are the perfect mixture of water and pressure. They’re excellent for massaging the neck and back.

Power jets: Our 15 GPM power jets offer a deep tissue massage to the whole back.

Additionally, our volcano jets are standard in ES spas and available as an upgrade for your GS model. These incredible jets burst from the footwell with unrivaled power. They’re perfect for relaxing tired muscles throughout the body – in the back, calves, feet, hamstrings, hips and knees – reinvigorating the parts that work the hardest.

Your volcano jets are even adjustable, allowing you to increase or decrease the pressure as you please.


The soothing sound and serene sight of cascading water quickly calms the mind and softens the senses. The Aspen waterfall and Roman Fountain water features, one of which is standard in the ES and GS series and optional in the VS Mountain Range series, allows you to adjust the water flow to create your ideal ambiance of tranquility that mimics a gently flowing stream.

Chromatherapy Lights

Chromatherapy, also known as color therapy, has the incredible power to transform your mood. Set your spa’s full chromatherapy lighting to calm, re-energize or fit your current disposition. Chromatherapy lighting is standard in all ES spas and optional in GS and VS Mountain Range Spas.

Each series includes something different. Your VS Mountain Range spa is equipped with a main LED light, while every GS model has mini-chromatherapy lighting consisting of a main light and multiple underwater pinpoint lights. In your ES spa, you’ll have a main light and multiple underwater pinpoints, illuminated pillows, (2) front cabinet floor lights, a backlit waterfall bezel, air controls, and diverter valves.

Let the changing hues soothe your soul and quiet your mind.