An Array of Upgrades

Customize your Aspen Spa with the Finer Touches

No soak in your hot tub is complete without the finer touches. Aspen Spas allows you the luxury of adding Bluetooth speakers to your hot tub so you can listen your favorite music or podcast, while in.touch technology lets you control your hot tub straight from your smartphone. Our accessories mean you can truly relax and enjoy everything your hot tub has to offer.

Bluetooth Stereos

Sometimes true luxury is as simple as a massage and a little music.

Whether you’re alone, with a loved one or with guests, our Bluetooth spa stereo systems let you set the mood with your favorite music, podcast or audiobook as you soak and unwind in perfect harmony.

We craft every spa and every feature with quality and innovation, so Aspen’s stereo system and pop-up speakers are water-resistant and built for years of enjoyment. Additionally, the Bluetooth receiver is installed underneath the spa cabinet to protect it from rain, snow and sun – your upgrade is safe and secure.

To make life even easier for you, you can control your stereo from any Bluetooth-enabled device, or from the topside touch screen on your Aspen.

In.Touch – Control Your Spa via Your Phone

Premier in.touch controls from Gecko allow you to set your spa to perfection with nothing more than a WiFi connection and a few taps on your Apple or Android device. You can check on your spa in the winter months while you’re away or adjust the temperature, pumps, lights and more with ease using the comprehensive technology of in.touch in your Aspen Spa.

In.Clear – Create a Saltwater Spa

In.clear not only keeps water at its cleanest, it lets you turn your Aspen Spa into a saltwater hot tub with sodium bromide. This efficient water sanitation system is low-maintenance and offers some of the clearest, softest water you can ask for in a hot tub.

Your in.clear upgrade also minimizes the need to adjust your spa chemicals every week; by producing at a proper neutral pH level, your water is safer for you and your spa components.

Additionally, there are two programs, or settings, built into the spa’s topside controls, so they’re easy to change and adjust. You can program the maintenance level of the generator, as well, and there is a boost function to help sanitize your spa after heavier-than-normal use.

24-Hour Circulation Pump*

A 24-hour circulation pump means maintaining the beauty of your spa and the clarity of the water is even easier. This premium technology keeps the water moving, preventing bacterial growth and making for a cleaner hot tub.

Standard in the ES and an optional upgrade for the GS, a 24-hour circulation pump is slightly more economical when running your spa. This low amp, low flow pump only requires 0.6 amps to operate, the same as a 90 watt light bulb, and runs 40 gallons per minute, 24 hours a day.

An added benefit of the 24-hour circulation pump is that it allows bathers to sit in hot water, enjoying the soothing sounds of the waterfall and without the jets going for a whole different kind of relaxing evening.

Volcano Jets*

Volcano jets blast water onto your feet, calves, knees, hamstrings or even back and hips for deep and powerful massages. These incredible jets offer the hardest pressure and are a popular addition to our GS series, exploding from the footwell with unsurpassed, relaxing force at 70 gallons per minute.

And when you’re not looking for as strong a massage, you can adjust the volcano jets, varying the intensity as you please and even turning off the air control for a softer flow of water.

*Standard in ES, optional GS series spas.