With the help of intensive research and our incredible engineers, we’ve learned that fully-foamed hot tubs are not the most efficient way to use energy. In fact, what the fully-foamed manufacturers don’t tell you is that the foam is ½ lb and open-celled. This means that, basically, there is no insulating R-Value, the plumbing is inaccessible and due to inferior plumbing materials, they have to foam it in place.
So we’re blazing a new trail. Aspen Spas uses an innovative form of insulation that addresses heat retention and energy efficiency at every level. Every Aspen Spa is geared towards keeping your energy bill down and your wallet happy.

  • We do recognize the value of using foam, so your spa’s shell and lip are sprayed with 2 lb. closed cell foam, preventing heat (and money) loss.
  • The insulated ABS bottom pan stops cold from seeping in, so you’re not wasting energy and money trying to keep your spa warm.
  • Reflectix, an insulation/foil hybrid, reflects heat back into your spa, sealing the cabinet and keeping the heat inside (where you want it!).
  • Your Aspen Spas’ hard cover uses 1.5 lb closed-cell foam wrapped in 5 mm plastic to ward off water absorption, which can be costly over time, and to block the warmth from rising out of your spa.

You wouldn’t build a house without insulation, and we wouldn’t build our spas with anything but the best. And the best just happens to be the most energy- and cost-efficient for you.