You should choose an Aspen when you want the confidence that your spa is made with a superior process and the strongest materials to survive being outside and amongst the harsh elements of the changing seasons.

You want the best, most durable spa:

  • Your Aspen Spa is built to endure the elements – cold, rain, snow, ice, heat waves, humidity, it’ll look just as beautiful as the day you installed it.
  • Every spa’s thick six-layer shell, made of only the highest-quality materials on the market, provides lasting strength and keeps the heat inside your tub.
  • Our maintenance-free cabinets and ABS spa bottoms are made from recycled plastic, which means they’ll look great and perform perfectly for years to come.
  • Our spas’ shell is Lucite acrylic, the leader in the industry in durability and beauty. Even Lucite, themselves, prefer our innovative shell-bonding method to those of other manufacturers.

You should choose an Aspen when you want a hot tub that will last you for years. In other words, you should always choose an Aspen.