Preparing for Your Aspen Spa

It is of utmost importance that you prepare your home for the delivery of your spa. Before our team arrives, we ask that you take a number of precautions and plan for every aspect of your Aspen Spa.

Please note: all permits are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

  • Contact your local codes department to ensure you meet all requirements.
  • Place your spa at least 10 feet away from power lines and wires and NEVER below them.
  • Don’t place your spa near eaves or other places where icicles or hazards may form or directly under a tree.
  • If you are looking for privacy, gazebos or other enclosures are excellent choices.
  • Consider a pathway to prevent debris from being tracked into your spa.
  • Choose an area with a solid, level foundation (lumber, concrete or cement, bricks) that can handle the weight of your Aspen Spa. (Find the weight of your spa here.)
  • If you are using your spa indoors, the floor must still be able to handle the weight of the filled spa, as well as any occupants. A level floor that will not be damaged by water, such as a non-slip ceramic-tiled floor, is ideal.
  • Adequate ventilation is necessary, especially if your spa is indoors. Dehumidifiers help.
  • Indoors or outdoors, your spa must have drainage nearby for maintenance purposes.
  • At least two sides of your spa must have at least 3’ of clear space for servicing.
  • Even if your spa is recessed into a floor or deck, it must be accessible.
  • The electrical circuit must be approved by a local building or electrical inspector and installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Failure to hire a licensed electrician can compromise your spa’s warranty.
  • Spas must meet the requirements set by the National Electric Code (NEC) and all state and local codes.
  • Your Aspen Spa needs its own supply of electricity.
  • Your spa’s electrical circuit must be protected by a 40 or 50 amp, 240V, GFCI circuit breaker that is a minimum of 18” off the ground.
  • All wiring must be #6 copper wire with ground.
  • A manual disconnect device must be installed between 5 and 15’ from the spa edge, within the line of site, for safety purposes, according to the NEC.
  • We recommend you fill up your Aspen Spa with an everyday garden hose.
  • Be sure your spas surroundings will not be damaged by water.
  • If you are planning on using your spa indoors, please consider how the spa will be moved to your desired location
  • Because your spa will likely be delivered on a spa dolly or flatbed trailer, there must be room to accommodate up to 15’ long, 7.5’ wide and 10’ high.
  • A clear path of at least 42”, with a height of 9’, must be available between the truck and the spa site.
  • Please clear any overhanging branches, debris, toys, dog houses, tools, etc., from the path of the spa.
  • You may need to remove fence panels.
  • Please try to level the ground (planks or plywood work well) to make the delivery process go as smoothly as possible.
  • If your spa is more than 8’, you will need to hire a crane, at a cost of from $250 to $1,500.

We want your installation to go smoothly so you can quickly begin enjoying your spa. If you have any more questions about the delivery of your Aspen Spa, we encourage you to contact our caring team in St. Louis.