Maintaining Your Spa

In order to maximize the strength and beauty of your Aspen Spa, it is essential to take proper care of it. We encourage you to read through these frequently-asked hot tub maintenance questions and should you have any additional queries, feel free to visit our St. Louis showroom or call Aspen Spas today at (314) 776-5050.

Hot Tub Maintenance

  • No, it’s not difficult to maintain a hot tub.
  • It does require some attention, but on average it only requires approximately 10 minutes/week.
  • There are times where you will want to soak and clean the filters or drain and refill the spa and they do take more time, but on average is does not require a lot of time.
  • Two to three times per week you will want to oxidize/shock the water.
  • Once a week you will want to check the pH and Alk, rinse the filters and condition the water with clarifier.
  • Monthly, you will need to soak and clean the filters with a filter cleaner.
  • Quarterly, you will want to drain and refill the spa. Condition the cover at this time.
  • Annually, you will want to flush or purge the spa and the internal plumbing.
  • Most of the chemicals are powders or liquids and are simply added by pouring into the spa water.
  • There are copper/silver sanitizers that are installed inside the filter basket, which are good for 4 months.
  • It’s best to leave the cover open when adding chemicals to the spa water to preserve the underside of the spa cover.
  • Filters are easy to change.
  • You simply need to pull up the filter face, remove the basket and unscrew the filter.
  • It’s best to do this when the spa is not filter, which creates downward pressure on the filter and much harder to remove.
  • Filters work best if they are rinsed weekly and soaked monthly in a filter cleaner.
  • Before soaking in cleaner, rinse briskly, then use a 5 gallon bucket, mix up a water and filter cleaner per instructions on the bottle and soak.
  • It can sit as little as an hour or you can leave overnight. Rinse well before reinstalling the filters.
  • How long do filters last?
  • The life of filter is approximately 1 year.
  • It depends on spa use and regular maintenance.
  • Filters are paper and will break down over time and not be as effective.
  • In order to protect your hot tub from the elements, you need a hot tub cover.
  • Of course, the hot tub cover must be maintained in order to properly protect the spa, itself -that’s why we offer a guide to keeping your spa cover in premium condition.Cover Maintenance Guide